ACUVUE® VITA Brand Contact Lenses

DON’T BLAME YOURSELF FOR YOUR MONTHLY CONTACT LENS DISCOMFORT, it could be your lenses. As the month goes on, you might be using rewetting drops, taking breaks, or removing them to deal with the discomfort. If this sounds familiar, NEW ACUVUE® VITA Brand with HydraMax Technology might be for you.

Meet ACUVUE® VITA with HydraMax Technology

Superior comfort by the numbers

Patient ratings show ACUVUE® VITA delivers superior “Overall Comfort” at weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 compared to other leading monthly brands. Plus, competitors’ “Overall Comfort” at week 1 could not beat ACUVUE® VITA comfort at week 4.

HydraMax Technology

HELPS MAXIMIZE the hydration throughout this lens – providing comfort from the start of the month.


HELPS MAINTAIN hydration – providing lasting comfort throughout the month.

Ask for the lens that’s more comfortable all month long than any other leading monthly brand.

Vision Performance

Available with correction for near and farsighted prescriptions.


The ONLY monthly lens that provides Class 1 UV protection.