Accelerated Orthokeratology (AOK)

Accelerated Orthokeratology (AOK)

Can Myopia be treated?

Have you ever wondered if Myopia can be treated without glasses and contact lenses?

With continuous overnight wear, AOK lenses gradually flatten the cornea to reduce the patient’s myopia (near-sightedness).

Most successful for patients with less than 5 dioptres of myopia and less than 0.75 dioptres of astigmatism. Helps with myopia control in children and adults. A comprehensive eye health exam and AOK consultation must be conducted to determine if the patient is a good candidate. Not a permanent procedure. Myopia will slowly return once contact lens wear ceases. Our optometrists will educate you about the process and ensure that AOK is a good visual solution that meet your needs.

Accelerated Orthokeratology assessments are available at Kodak Lens | Broadview Eyecare. We use specialty equipment such as a topographer to map your cornea and determine the best AOK hard lenses to improve your vision. Consultations with our Optometrists to discover if you are a good candidate for accelerated orthokeratology is also available at all Kodak Lens Vision Centres. Learn more about myopia control by visiting AllAboutVision.com.

Speak with our optometrists, to discover if you are a good candidate for AOK.