Trusted and Reliable

Doctors of Optometry providing trusted and reliable eye care starting at $85. Detecting eye health problems is the most important aspect of an eye health exam at Kodak Lens Vision Centre.

Eyewear and Contact Lenses

We have an eyewear selection of over 1,000 frames from a wide range of brands. We also offer many contact lens brands at competitive prices and provide excellent contact lens fitting services.

Retinal Photography & OCT

Retinal photography uses a specialized camera to take a picture of the interior surface of the eye. OCT is used to scan the retina for diagnosis and monitoring progression of eye diseases.

Walk-Ins & Emergencies

For patients requiring immediate care, Kodak Lens Vision Centre will manage your visit to ensure your eye health care needs are satisfied. Let us help you and book your appointment today!

A brand you know and trust

Welcome to Kodak Lens Eyecare stores managed by experienced eye care professionals who are trusted members of the eyeTrust Network. Every day enjoy rich, crisp, vibrant colours with Kodak Lenses. Why use a local Kodak Lens Vision Centre? Our advanced lens technology optimizes your sight while enhancing your look in all the latest frame styles. We have independent eye care professionals to expertly prescribe and fit them.

I was inspired to be an optometrist by my amazing family. I am passionate about building relationships with my patients and helping them achieve their best possible visual and ocular health. – Dr. Cassandra Chung

I take great pride in educating my patients on choices in vision correction through the use of spectacles, contact lenses and refractive surgery; as well as improving eye and general health through nutritional supplementation. – Dr. Linda Tse